Biting The Bullet

5 May

It’s all the Harlot’s fault.

After discovering (courtesy of Stephanie Pearl McPhee, the Yarn Harlot) the wonderful world of Knitblogs about six months ago, I’ve been putting off the inevitable, but the Great Blogger Crash of Sockapalooza 4 has finally forced my hand, and I’m starting my own blog.

On the off-chance anybody ever reads this, here’s what to expect: a lot of knitting-related maundering and the occasional parental/environmental/political rant. Do not expect a great deal of wisdom or sense.

So, first things first: Knitting (and how it got me):

I learned to knit when I was about 11 or 12 (thanks to Nanna), I forget exact specifics. What I do remember is a great many practice squares in some el cheapo acrylic yarn, all with that typical new knitter shape, you know, where one edge slants out at a 45 degree angle. Then one day it all clicked, and my practice squares were actually square! I immediately set about knitting a Dr Who scarf.

Then came high school, and in Year 11 Textiles class, we did a section on knitting. The practical exam required us to knit a garment, and I chose to knit one of those huge batwing jumpers, knit cuff-to-cuff in one piece (what can I say? It was 1986) in 8-ply (double-knit) yarn on 4mm needles. It was my first really big project, and I had never before encountered the knitting Black Hole, where you knit and knit and the garment gets no bigger. I got a good grade, because my acres and acres of stocking stitch were neat and there were no mistakes, but the class had to move on to the next topic (crochet), so I put the sweater away for a while, and my project for the Crochet section was a little jacket for a little boy I used to babysit. It was tiny, it was crocheted with a big hook and chunky yarn and it took all of about a weekend, and it was done! I decided I didn’t really like knitting and never got back to the Wide Blue Whatever. For all I know, it’s still sitting in the back of a cupboard at my mum’s house, unless she frogged it for the yarn at some point.

Fast forward fourteen years, and I had a little boy of my own. When he was about eighteen months old, I was browsing through a kids clothing shop, and found the cutest little jumper. I looked at the price tag and nearly had a fit! They wanted $65 for an acrylic jumper that would last approximately five minutes before he grew out of it, and would go all baggy and horrible before any subsequent children could get it as a hand-me-down! I went home and had a good rant to my husband, pacing up and down the loungeroom, flailing my arms about, the whole box and dice. And then I said it:

“I could knit a better jumper for less money!”

And THEN, can you guess what my husband said?

“Well, why don’t you?”

I wonder if he ever kicks himself?

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