17 May

The funniest thing happened this morning. I checked my email, (sing it with me; spam, spam ,spam, spam, wonderful spam, glorious spam!) and there was a mail from Regenia, telling me I had won her contest! It was only through enormous control that I didn’t shoot coffee out my nose!

I entered the other day while cruising the pligg (that sounds amazingly cool, doesn’t it? Especially for what most would consider the epitome of geekdom: trolling an internet site devoted to blogs about knitting), any way, I was Cruising the Pligg (it really needs the capitals, I think), and saw Regenia’s Guess the Pattern contest, and it happened that I had been ogling that very pattern the day before. So I shot her an email, and never expected to hear anything further because it was so obviously Reptilian Lace, from Knitty, that surely somebody had already won the three balls of Cascade Fixation she was offering as a prize, and they were already winging their way to someone who lived way closer to the action than I (I always assume every one in the blogosphere is American).

Apparently not. So I will shortly have three balls of red stretchy cotton goodness! This is completely hilarious to me! I already loved the Pligg, but now I’m a total devotee. If there’s a cult forming, you can sign me right up.


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