Swimming in the Frog-Pond

3 Aug


So I’ve been knitting away at the Lorikeet-in-a-Blender Sock, and it has not been progressing without its share of hiccups. I am trying out a reverse gusset heel for the first time (Cookie‘s, because she had the right stitch count for the Anastasia pattern I’m working), and the first time I finished working it, I put it on to see how it had worked, and it was too short. As in, couldn’t get it over my heel. So I checked gauge, and it turns out that my row gauge (which I don’t usually check for socks, because you try it on and work a few extra rows if necessary) is FOUR rows per inch shorter than called for in Cookies pattern. So when she said to start the gusset increases when “work measures 3.5[3.5, 4] inches less than length of foot“, I was nearly an inch out of whack. So I ripped back, worked an extra inch (and a bit extra for luck), and redid the heel.

I should say right here, I really like the reverse gusset heel. For me it is the perfect solution to a problem. I like toe-up socks. They just make sense; you can try them on as you go, and you never have to worry about running out of yarn. I also really like a gusset heel. I love the way it hugs the foot, and I get to do the very groovy slip-stitch heel flap. But I hate picking up stitches for the gusset, and that little ridge that you get where you picked up the stitches, I find it irritating. Therefore, the reverse gusset heel really is the answer. And I like working it. Does that make me odd? Am I the only one who gets a real kick out of the magic of short row shaping?

Long story short, it took me three goes to get the heel right, but I finally got there, and I launched into the leg. That’s when I noticed something that had escaped me before, probably because I had been so focused on the heel.

I’m not actually that fussed on how this colourway works with the Anastasia pattern.

I like the colours, but it turns out that the plain stocking stitch panels between the yarn-over spirals just aren’t doing it for me. But the slip-stitch heel, now that I like. Which is making me think about slip-stitch patterns like Crusoe, or Rock and Weave. Or maybe even something in a mosaic….

So the end of the story?



Note: Once again, I am forced to apologise for crappy photography. Apparently my somewhat elderly camera doesn’t like high-contrast or bright coloured yarns.


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