Warning: May Contain Traces of Knitting

30 Aug

I realise that there has been little actual knitting content in this so-called knitting blog lately, and while the comments on the baking have all been positive, I still feel a little guilty because after all, knitting is the thing that brought us all together, isn’t it?

This being the case, I have extracted promises from those involved not to look at the blog until after the weekend, and besides, the person most likely to peek (my Dad), will be busy with a new grandson within the very near future (by which I mean hours – I’m expecting a phone call to tell me I’m an Aunty again before the end of the day! Yay! BSJ, here I come!), and therefore completely uninterested in socks for the next several days. Which is lucky, because his Father’s Day socks haven’t even seen the needles yet. I do actually have a little leeway here – my parents are coming to visit us in a week or two, after they’re done hogging the baby, so I’ll be giving Dad his socks then (assuming I’ve actually knit the buggers).

However, I do have some knitting to show you:


First, these are my Father-in-law’s socks, blocking on a towel because I don’t have a sock-blocker big enough.

The Vital Statistics:
Pattern: Generic toe-up garter-rib socks.
Yarn: Cleckheaton Country Naturals 8ply in Colours 1812 (navy) and 1832 (brick red).
Needles: 3.25mm DPN’s
Notes: I actually worked these with an afterthought heel and toe. What’s an afterthought toe? I used a provisional cast-on, and then came back and worked a standard decrease toe. Thus, if the toes or heels wear out, I can just knit new ones.robynsock.jpg

Second, this is two-thirds of the first of my Mother-in-law’s replacement socks (you might recall her first pair were lost in the mail back in May). There is exactly zero chance of them being finished by tomorrow, when my husband is driving up to the Central Coast for work. He will be staying overnight with his Mum and Dad, and delivering FIL’s socks (I am strangely reluctant to trust these socks to the tender mercies of Australia Post again). These socks are doing me in: endless plain vanilla stocking stitch. I wouldn’t mind if there was some decent TV to watch, but it’s a total wasteland lately.

Here’s a scary little insight into my psyche: I was hoping to get four pairs finished before Sunday. This would mean I might need to actually knit on them to meet the deadline, right? What have I spent the majority of the last two weeks doing? Dicking about on the internet Researching patterns and planning future projects. Reading blogs. Emailing friends. Checking my progress up the Ravelry list (If I had received my invite, I might actually have an excuse, but I haven’t. And I don’t) (by the way, I am #2304 on the list as of 12.00pm AEST today) . Baking cakes. Baking bread. Baking more bread. I love knitting, but lately I cannot stick to it.

And what am I doing right now? Blogging when I should be knitting. Sigh. I’m going now.


2 Responses to “Warning: May Contain Traces of Knitting”

  1. becky c. August 30, 2007 at 9:55 pm #

    Isn’t it funny that something you love to do loses all its appeal when it becomes something you have to do? FIL socks are really nice – he’ll love them!

  2. Olivia September 1, 2007 at 9:59 pm #

    Hi Kate, thanks for the tip-off about Beaudelaire for a toe-up sock gusset. Good luck with your deadline socks (I’m MUCH slower than that) and of course if you take inspiration from my humble ones, I’m very flattered!

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