In Which I Get Carried Away With Italics and Exclamation Marks!

19 Oct

Tomorrow is my birthday. I tell you this not to fish for comments or to solicit presents, but to explain the extraordinary haul I am about to display. I know that strictly speaking, I shouldn’t have opened these until tomorrow, but when you see what I got you’ll understand why I simply couldn’t wait (I knew they were coming)!


A whole stack of gorgeous goodies from Knitpicks, and two issues of Interweave Knits. That Pencil-case looking thingy at the top? That is full of these:


That’s right, those are the Harmony Wood Options tips. Aren’t they pretty? (you oughta feel ’em – they are silky smooth to the touch!) They aren’t available here in Australia yet. Hee hee! (sorry, I’m trying very hard not to gloat, but it just comes burbling out a bit). Becky forwarded them for me. She also slipped this in the parcel:


Sorry for the blurry. This was the best I could do (and that’s with the camera’s anti-shake doohickey on) . I was a teeny bit excited. This is Mountain Colors Bearfoot sock yarn, in Indian Corn colourway. I admired some on Becky’s blog a while ago, and she remembered. Isn’t she a sweetheart?

Also, I have the following cottony goodness:


That’s twelve balls of Den-M-Nit in mid-indigo and ten balls of Lara cotton in Brick, both from They will be respectively, this and this. I can highly recommend the service at Elann. I ordered this on the 28th September (which was a Friday) and it got here from Canada the following Wednesday! That’s five days, including a weekend, to get halfway around the world. Kudos to both Elann and Canada’s Postal Service.

Al this is because my lovely husband gave me a birthday budget a couple of weeks ago, sat me down in front of the computer and said “Go shopping!”. If he wasn’t already married, I’d totally run away with him.

The cherry on top? Today is Friday, and I am a child-free zone. I get to play unmolested all day!

This might just be the best birthday ever!


11 Responses to “In Which I Get Carried Away With Italics and Exclamation Marks!”

  1. donyale October 19, 2007 at 11:03 am #

    NOT jealous – really! Well – am actually! More than a little bit.

    But I will have the wooden knit picks here for everyone to fight over in November – they are on their way. But you were first! lucky Duck.

  2. amy October 19, 2007 at 11:04 am #

    Happy Birthday! Totally wonderful haul!!

    Hmm. I am expecting a budget soon. Know why? My husband is getting to go to a New England Patriots football game, and I am not. I am pondering what to extract as payment.

  3. elizabeth October 19, 2007 at 11:08 am #

    Wow, what fantastic presents! I hope you have a wonderful day!!

  4. bruisinraincloud October 19, 2007 at 11:20 am #




  5. Taphophile October 19, 2007 at 1:39 pm #

    That’s a fantabulous haul – I’m absolutely positive you deserve them all. Do tell us what the Harmony are like – so in love with those.

    Have the happiest of birthdays. 🙂

  6. becky c. October 19, 2007 at 9:12 pm #

    So glad it arrived in time and you get a play day! All my very best wishes for a great birthday and a happy year ahead.

  7. Carolyn October 20, 2007 at 6:42 am #

    That is awesome! Happy Birthday!

  8. Rose Red October 21, 2007 at 8:22 pm #

    What a fabulous haul!! You are so lucky and I don’t blame you for not waiting to open your present! Hope you had a great day yesterday and had plenty of time for lovely Harmony knitting!

  9. kms October 23, 2007 at 8:10 am #

    *drools with envy*. its my bday this sat coming so im hoping the bday fairy is still carrying some loot for me 🙂

  10. Kate October 24, 2007 at 9:11 pm #

    Haaaaaaaappy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuu,
    Haaaaaaappy Biiiiiiiiiiiirthday Dear KissMyFrog,
    Happy Birthday to Youuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

    Let the Librans unite in ‘you first, no you first, no you first, no you’,
    and then all will suddenly stop and go ‘you – got the stripey wood ones????’ And be united in deep and enduring covetousness!!!

    lucky girl! Congrats on another gold star on the calendar of fabulosity!


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    […] up, I thought maybe it was time I did something with some of my birthday yarn, so yesterday I cast on for the Lara Pinwheel […]

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