Responding to Oracular Advice

11 Dec

First off, special thanks to Taph for confusing the issue with her link to Wendy’s gorgeous lace edging. Because I have no self-control at all, I swatched it up yesterday. Here ’tis:


(Yes, there’s  a couple of glaring mistakes, but you get the gist) I like it, but I don’t know if I like it better than 1B… This is gonna take some thought.

Also, for those of you who wanted to see it on, i took the following shots of the swatches draped over my wrist. Left to right, they are Cathedral Windows, Catharina, and Wendy’s (click for big):


Kate said: I kind of like the very first, the as-written, because I like the laciness of the double yo’s. However, like Amy and Taph, for me the issue is the drape – how much structure do you want in the edging? Is it to be an everyday cardi, and if so, would a drapey edging get in the way or provide a nice bit of femininity? If it’s for good, I’d say go for fancy!!

And the socks – what’s your favourite orchid? Will these remind you of it when on your feet (as opposed to blue-grey stuff that I sincerely believe is no where near your normal skin colour!!)???

The doubled yarn-overs are lovely, and if this were for ‘bestest’ I’d totally do them, but the odds of my needing a fancy-schmancy cardigan are completely laughable. This is for nice-casual, to pop over a t-shirt or a sleeveless dress if the night gets a bit cooler, or to cover up my incipient bingo wings* when my in-laws turn the air-con up to eleven. I’m looking for a sturdier edge than I would get with the doubled yarn-overs. Besides, I would catch those on everything, and ruin the cardi in about five minutes flat.

Amy said: I’m no help at all. I would need to see it held right up against the sweater, preferably while it’s on you. I think they’re all pretty; it all comes down to drape and length, I think. And what you feel like knitting, of course. (You do know a crocheted edging would go much faster, once you got the hang of crochet? Just saying. I don’t think I could face the miles of lace edging you have before you. Sheesh, I’ll just shut up now.)

I think the sock looks nice–I’m not sure what you’re seeing?

I’ve not knit very much lace edging (those swatches are the first I’ve ever done), but I’m quite enjoying it, and I don’t see that miles of it would be terribly onerous (and yes, you should all feel free to taunt me with that in a couple of weeks time when I’m whining about the endless acres of lace edging and how much I hate it).

As for crochet: someone once told me that I would learn to like Guinness if I drank enough of it (I think that’s more likely a sign that you’re drunk, than that your palate is maturing), but I’ve never seen why I should want to learn to like something that tasted like fizzy Vegemite (Vegemite on toast is a Very Good Thing, but fizzy alcoholic Vegemite? Not so much). I feel a bit the same about crochet – if you like it, do it, but it’s just not my bag, baby. Besides, the Lara cotton is kinda splitty, and even were I so inclined, it wouldn’t be the yarn I’d choose for a visit to Planet Hook.

* * *

I’m still having problems with the sock; I can’t find a pattern that I like and that works with the yarn. I’m going to give the sock thing one last shot by casting on for Monkeys. If that still doesn’t do it for me, I will accept the fact that my sock mojo has gone away for an early Christmas Holiday, and figure out something else for MIL’s pressie.

Oh, and Kate? You asked about my natural skin colour – owing to my Scottish ancestry, my complexion is a delicate shade of pale blue. If I tan (rather than my usual cycle of burn/peel/burn/peel), by the end of the summer I’ll be a robust fish-belly white.

*Bingo Wings: noun. Flesh on the underarms of women who might commonly be seen at bingo nights (I learned this snort-worthy term thanks to the crazy ladies at Mason Dixon Knitting).


5 Responses to “Responding to Oracular Advice”

  1. Taphophile December 11, 2007 at 6:45 pm #

    “Sorry about that, Max”, as 99 would say. Totally going with swatch the first.

  2. amy December 11, 2007 at 11:43 pm #

    I learned to crochet long before I learned to knit, but all I ever could do was go back and forth to make straight afghans. I never learned what was called what or how to do anything fancy. The first time I tried a single crochet edging on a garment–I believe it was a child’s poncho–I was amazed at how fast it went, and it was the exact right thing for that particular garment (and not what the directions called for). But it’s not my fallback. I tried it again on a baby kimono-type cardi over the summer and undid it and went with a knit edging. I doubt I’d even understand the directions for the crochet edging in this pattern…. but I do like having some hook knowledge, however small, in my “toolbox.”

    (Eek, I just used the term “toolbox.”)

  3. becky c. December 12, 2007 at 12:56 am #

    I vote for the first swatch too. I think Wendy’s looks too fussy.

    Fear not, for the power of the Monkey is strong.

  4. Kate December 12, 2007 at 9:04 am #

    I love Wendy’s edging, but I have to say that given my own tendancy to push sleeves up to the elbows in daily house-life, you probably want something a little more #1-ish.

    I may monkey around a little myself with a few bruised plums, after I’ve got all the giri-gifts done (giri – Japanese word meaning obligation)..

    Skin? I’m fairly quite fair-skinned myself, though more of a freckler than a peeler – but don’t put me near anything yellow/orange/green – very unattractive on me!

  5. tinkingbell December 12, 2007 at 11:33 am #

    Probably 1 for everyday – although that said – I like Wendy’s very much!!
    I’m a fair freckler -goes with reddish hair – very occasionally if I have applied litres of sunblock I may end the summer a pale honey colour – if I’m not careful I get that attractive red, peely look!

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