Random Witterings 101

16 Feb

I realised after I posted the other day that it was my 100th post! Who’da thunk it? I knew I talked a lot, but I didn’t realise I had this much to say, or that there would be anybody out there sufficiently interested to keep coming back to read my maunderings (that being said, I’m very glad you do!).

So today I give you my 101st post.

1. The Man Himself picked up a couple of knitting books at a garage sale this morning. This one


is as cute as can be, and with two little nephews rapidly approaching their first birthdays, a timely addition to my knitting library. This one, however,


should be against the law. It is full of gorgeous little patterns showcased in the sort of photography that makes your uterus cramp. Look at this:


I saw this pic and immediately started shouting “Why oh why does no-one in my family know how to have girls?!” And this little munchkin:

blog-1014.jpg blog-1013.jpg

I don’t particularly like ponchos, I thought they were silly back when I was a kid, and I think they are silly now. But if my sister (who loves ponchos) would deign to produce me a niece, I would knit a poncho just so I’d have a good excuse to look at this little dumpling playing peek-a-boo! (yes, I know, cluck, cluck, cluck). There are plenty of scrumptious little boy patterns in here too, so I’m covered for mini-man knitting for a good few years.

2. I finally got my act together and put the lining in my Mother-in-law’s Square Cake purse that I made her for Christmas. It looks great, the lining gives it just a little more structure, and keeps it from being quite so floppy. MIL loves it, and is planning on taking it with her on a Sydney Harbour dinner cruise in a couple of weeks. Also, I can now officially mark that project Finished in my Ravelry notebook, and cast on something new (if you recall, this year I am limiting myself to a maximum of four WIPs at any one time).

3. I am zooming through the Sumotamop sock, and it is looking great. I was worried about the mirror-reversed pattern, that the [K2tog] decreases wouldn’t look quite as neat as the [K2togTBL] on the original, But I’m happy to report that it is not a problem at all. See? Pomatomus on the left, Sumotamop on the right.


4. Brick House is rapidly approaching its day of glory. In five more rounds I start the garter-and-eyelet edging. I can’t wait! (I won’t torture you with photos; it’s at that really un-photogenic stage where it looks like I’m knitting a jellyfish with arms).

5. I made an amazing discovery the other day – the newsagent in the Orange City Centre shopping mall carries Interweave Knits! I now have a copy of the Winter 2007 issue (with the Jennifer Garner look-alike chicky on the cover), and they will be holding a copy of the Spring 2008 issue for me.

6. My new skeiner and I spent some quality time with the Great Wall of Jo Sharp the other day, and I now have a big pile of skeins waiting to be washed, dried and de-kinked before I make yet another attempt to turn this accursed (yet beautiful) yarn into something resembling a garment. I love the skeiner – it’s so much fun to turn the handle and wind the balls into skeins. The boys call it a windmill, and are mightily unthrilled that I have declared it Not A Toy.

7. Next Saturday is the fabulous! and thrilling! rural extravaganza! that is the Blayney Show! I have been challenged by Sharon to enter a pair of socks for judging in the show. I’m planning on entering the Pomatomus/Sumotamop if I get them finished and blocked in time. If not, I’ll be entering my cashmerino Monkeys. Wish me luck.

8. Wednesday’s great happening left me feeling kind of torn. I spent the day oscillating between feeling extremely proud of Prime Minister Rudd, furiously angry at the former PM, who not only refused to apologise but then didn’t even have the good grace to turn up for this important moment in our history, and hope for the future, that we might actually see some real leadership after so many years of paternalism and arrogance. It was a weird day for me, but a great one for Australia.


7 Responses to “Random Witterings 101”

  1. amy February 16, 2008 at 11:57 pm #

    Good luck with the socks! And I definitely want that Zoe Mellor books. Uterus cramping, indeed. I was very happy my sister produced a baby niece so I could make Daphne’s Baby Cape (from Knit 2 Together) for her. I didn’t know how to knit when she produced my first niece.

  2. becky c. February 17, 2008 at 12:40 am #

    Ohhhh those baby pictures – they will suck you right in. How cool that your hubby watches for knitting books for you! Your socks are great and I am rooting for you to finish them because I know they will win a prize. Go knit!!!

  3. tinkingbell February 17, 2008 at 8:06 am #

    I love the baby blanket with the moons etc – I just think it’s lovely!!! How lucky – I think hell would freeze over before my husby actually bought me knitting books!!!

  4. KTMay February 17, 2008 at 8:35 am #

    Your hubby rocks for picking those up! No babies…no…just…NO. In my uterus, where there’s one, there are TWO, and I’m just toooooo old for that craziness.

    Pomatomusssses are looking FAB, dahling!

  5. Lynne February 17, 2008 at 9:27 am #

    Why, oh why, do I never see anyof this good stuff at garage sales or op shops? Probably because I never go to garage sales and obviously visit the wrong op shops!!

    The socks look fabulous – must visit that pattern myself one day [I’m always way behind everyone else when it comes to the latest patterns!! I only knit Clapotis for the first time late last year!!]

  6. Taphophile February 19, 2008 at 5:41 pm #

    Good luck with the show – those Pomatomus/Sumotamop are fabulous and certainly deserve a prize or three. 🙂

  7. Kate February 21, 2008 at 1:52 pm #

    I don’t know what’s wrong with me – I get no clucking at all!!! (mayhap it is the three I already have – some kind of gradual immunity???)
    I made one poncho – for DD#1, who totally refused to wear it. Luckily along came DD#2, and she hasn’t learnt how to say “I don’t like it” yet 😛
    I too am a fan of mirror imaging patterns – and I must say, you are inspiring me to greater heights!! And I think that the colours are looking awesome!!! I’m tucking away your shortage solution for future reference :>
    I’m sending Vibrantly Victorious Vibes your way – go you exhibitionist you! Good luck, and good on you for having a go (how very Oztralian, mate)

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