SSoS – Personal Challenge Tally Sheet

1 Apr

It’s the 1st April, and the Southern Summer of Socks Knit Along has officially ended.

So how did I measure up to the insanely ambitious list of goals I set for myself back in September? Let’s see:

1. I am shooting for a dozen pairs of socks this summer. The KAL lasts six months, so this is a reasonable target, at roughly a sock a week. If the Harlot could manage a sock a day, I think I can do this.

    • Earl Grey,
    • Sorbet Swirl,
    • Shock the Monkey (anklets – worth 1/2),
    • Rainy Day Blues,
    • Irrepressible,
    • Despina,
    • Lady Marmalade (only one completed),

      So, adding up the half-pair represented by the single Lady Marmalade, and the half-pair represented by the Shock the Monkey anklets, I made six pairs of socks instead of twelve. But I also made the pinwheel sweater, the Plan B purse for MIL’s Christmas, and half a Lily cardigan, plus I got a job, so I’m happy with my output.


      2. I have Christmas socks to knit, but I would also like to set myself up with a full week’s worth of hand knit socks. At present I have three pairs, two I knit for myself, and the pair of Bayerisch that my fabulous Sockpal Becky made me for Sockapalooza. The rest of the time I’m wearing store-bought socks! It’s just not right!

        • Shock the Monkey,
        • Irrepressible,
        • Despina,

          Not quite a full week’s worth, but now that the weather’s cool enough for long pants, I do have enough to get me through the work week.

          3. I want to try knitting two socks at once, either Magic Loop or two circs. – Nope

          4. I want to learn how to knit Continental, to facilitate Goal #5. – The Lady Marmalade sock was mostly knit continental, so goal accomplished, but I don’t think I’m ever going to love it.

          5. I want to try Fair Isle, specifically these. – Nope

          6. I have joined the Sock Knitters Anonymous group on Ravelry, and I’m going to be working my way through the Sockdown: Ravelry! schedule while I do this. It’s twelve months of challenges designed to broaden one’s sock-knitting horizons, including (every odd-numbered month) the Magical Mystery Sock Tour.

          • October: Cables – Earl Grey
          • November: Sadly, Christmas knitting didn’t mesh with November’s Challenges.
          • December: Cuff-down – Cookie A. Monkey (Irrepressible),
          • January: Cookie A / Intarsia / January Mystery Sock – Cookie A. Pomatomus (Despina),
          • February: Also missed February’s challenge
          • March: And March

          So I achieved about half of my crazy list of goals, and I’m happy with that. Next time, I’ll try to be a little less ambitious and a little more realistic.


          3 Responses to “SSoS – Personal Challenge Tally Sheet”

          1. becky c. April 1, 2008 at 11:49 pm #

            I think you did really well! It looks like so much more when you put them all together like that. You do have to get to Fair Isle though, it is just too cool to never try. If you use a multicolored with a solid, you get a very intricate look with minimal effort (and ends to weave in!)

          2. Kate April 3, 2008 at 12:35 pm #

            I’m not sure I want to dig out my SSoS challenges… I’m not sure that I achieved any of them!!! Good on you for working towards them, and for being sensible about what you did manage to achieve :>

          3. Lynne April 7, 2008 at 10:48 am #

            You did better than I did – I finished… none! With my frozen shoulders and the pressure of hanging on to tiny dpns [2.75mm] I had to put sock knitting aside in favour of beanies and blankets; lucky it was a very mild summer!

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