I’m Still Here.

10 May

Sorry about the lack of contact since the last post. Blame it on a combination of general-life-craziness (new school term means new menu, and that means all sorts of paperwork and costing out ingredients, and committee meetings, and other really fun stuff) and computer problems. Remember a couple of months ago I mentioned I’d been having intermittent monitor spasms? Well, Tech Support installed a new monitor on Monday, right after I posted my Blogiversary contest, and the computer promptly turned up its toes. Noises have been made about a new notebook, but considering the new car last week, and the beautiful new bed that arrived on Thursday (aaaahhh, sleep is good!), it will be a little while before that happens.

For the time being I am using TS’s notebook (when I can scrape him off it), which means that blogging will be a little thin on the ground for the forseeable future, but there will absolutely be a winner announced for the contest, and a little bit of show and tell this afternoon (I got the nicest surprise yesterday!).

Salto has ground to a complete halt, as I’ve had stealth projects to finish in time for Mother’s Day, but I will be finished today (project monogamy – ugh!), and can then get back to work on the fun stuff.

In the meantime, if you need to get in touch with me, the best way would be through my old Yahoo! email account: kaylenemcinnes[AT]yahoo[DOT]com[DOT]au (you know the drill; replace [AT] with “@”, and [DOT] with “.” ).

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