Playing Catch-Up

10 Jun

At long last I have figured out my photo issues and I have some show-and-tell for you. 

Tada! Those bloody bedamned Lady Marmalade socks are done, and gone, and I never, ever have to knit on them again! Woohoo! I’m very glad my Mum likes them (they were her M-day pressie), but I am happier than I can say that they are out of my WIP basket. I don’t know why it is, but while plain stocking stitch in 8ply yarn on 4.5mm needles is a beautiful, happy-making thing (loved it in the Pinwheel, lapped it up in the Lily cardi, finding it both soothing and fun in the Jo Sharp raglan), plain stocking stitch socks just sap my will to live. Will someone please remind me of this fact next time I decide to make a “quick, simple sock”?

Oh, did I mention the Jo Sharp? Why, yes, I am working on it, and it’s going quite nicely (knock wood, light a candle, spin office chair three times widdershins just to be safe). I’m using another Marie Grace pattern, which is just as lovely and well-prsented as Lily, and it is my brain-dead-in-front-of-the-TV knitting. Please keep your fingers crossed for me, as Sasquatch’s recent birthday means that it’s four and a half years since I bought this yarn and this is my FIFTH attempt at turning it into a garment. I honestly don’t think I would have the heart to try again if it doesn’t work out.

In other WIP news, I finished the first Salto sock, and am slowly but surely plugging away at its mate (it has stalled a bit this week, largely because I am so enjoying just going around and around on the sleeve of the Jo Sharp raglan). Becky finished hers while I was off the air, and they’re wildly pretty! I’m suffering some serious yarn-envy; that’s Dream In Colour Smooshy that she’s showing off there, and we wants it, precious!

This afternoon after work I went back to the eye specialist to see how much better my eye is, and he is very happy with the improvement (as am I!). There is a tiny scar left behind, but I can see much, much better now. I can stop using the ointment, and wean myself off the anti-inflammatory drops over the next two weeks. The other drops are an industrial-strength moisturiser, which I am to use as necessary forever to keep the dry-eye at bay, and I don’t have to go back and see him again unless I have a problem. Yay!

Since I was in town anyway, it only made sense to pop into my LYS and have a scrounge. I came out with two balls of Heirloom Easy-Care 12ply (Rav link) in Cream that I am going to dye up (under 8yo supervision) and knit into bedsocks for Boyo (this was inspired by him climbing into bed with Tech Support and me on Sunday morning and putting his icicles feet on me – the kid desperately needs new bedsocks!)

The school Athletics Carnival has been rescheduled for the 27th, so the next two weeks I’ll be doing the hamster-wheel thing again, where I run and run and run and get nowhere. I will attempt to post on weekends, but if I vanish again, you’ll know why.

4 Responses to “Playing Catch-Up”

  1. becky c. June 10, 2008 at 10:12 pm #

    Your Salto socks are so pretty!! I like the Marmalade ones too, but I know what you mean about boring. So glad your eye is better – that whole situation was freaking me out a little. So much that I’m using lubricant drops now and then, just in case its contagious. : )

    Glad you are back to blogging!!

  2. amy June 11, 2008 at 3:51 am #

    Very good news on your eye–glad to hear it. Good luck with the hamster wheel. And with the fifth time’s a charm sweater, of course. 🙂

  3. Kate June 13, 2008 at 11:34 am #

    Yay socks! Yay cardi! Yay more socks! Yay pictures!

    A little blogging is a wonderful thing :>

  4. 2paw June 13, 2008 at 4:33 pm #

    Love the LM socks, they look so complicated and so excellent!! Good eye news!!

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