3 Jul

Many, many pics in this post. Apologies to those on dial-up.

The Raindrops yarn arrived from Rainbow Wools yesterday.

Carol is right, it is much more lush and richly purple than either her pics or mine are letting on.

There are also swooshes of olive green, peacock blue and mustard yellow through it.

So (because I have no self-control at all) I wasted no time in winding a ball and casting on for the Landscape Shawl (hey, the pattern said to knit a garter stitch swatch – why waste time with a square when I can start the shawl? It’s a shawl for crying out loud, it’s not like it has to fit!).

I’m loving the texture but less enthused with the picots along the edge – they are a bit too… blobby. So this morning I ripped back and am now searching Ravelry for a pattern that will work better with this particular slubby loveliness. Landscape will wait for the right yarn.

In other stash enhancement news, I bought me some Posmerino from The Knittery. They had a fantastic special (the sale is over now, so you really don’t want to know how good a price I got), so I bought up big – twelve skeins!

As if 1956m of undyed posmerino aran wasn’t enough yumminess, the lovely Daphne included a lolly and a thank-you note on the packing slip. I am totally buying from her again!

The brown Jo Sharp continues to grow. I’ll put it on and get Tech Support to take some progress pics over the weekend. I’m still tossing up between long or short sleeves. Short are more practical for work, but long are warmer and look nicer (I was about to say more stylish, but anyone who knows me would have laughed their arses off – “style” and I have very little to do with one another. I have been known to make sweeping generalisations such as “The fashion industry is driven by a bunch of bloody-minded old queens who haven’t had their hands on a real woman since they were weaned”). Anyhoo, it is looking lovely, and I am beginning to feel some confidence about the future of this incarnation.

Days left of school term: 1

Days until I leave for Mandie’s: 11

Days until Bendigo S & W: 14


3 Responses to “Purty.”

  1. becky c. July 3, 2008 at 10:24 pm #

    That yarn is so beautiful!! Hope you find a pattern you like. Are you going to dye the aran yarn?

  2. Taphophile July 4, 2008 at 9:11 am #

    Oh that yarn is divine and I’m swooning over your 12 skeins of undyed posmerino. Glad the Jo Sharp is working out this time.

  3. tinkingbell July 4, 2008 at 12:45 pm #

    Oh so so so purty!!
    Love the posmerino – lucky ducky – what’s that going to be?

    MMMM yarn – you gotta have a vice – and I’m so with you over the fashion industry – I mean – midriff tops and hipsters – what were they thinking – or possibly smoking!

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