Not Blonde, But Still Ditzy.

20 Jul

I forgot to take my camera to Bendigo. I realised this on Wednesday afternoon, as the bus rounded a corner and I saw the Jerilderie Pub (some 470km from home, and about three-quarters of the way to Mandie‘s). I don’t know why the Jerilderie Pub made me think of my camera, but for some reason it did. At any rate, I thought to myself, “Bugger! Oh, well, Mandie and Donni will have cameras, we’ll get pics and share.”

Nope. They had cameras, but we were having so much fun, we forgot to take any pics. There was much laughter, and fibre fondling, and coffee and wine were both consumed, and Mandie and Donni were both upgraded from imaginary to actual genuine flesh-and-blood friends, and Mandie’s family are all delightful; Miss G has just turned 10, and bids fair to follow in her mother’s spinning rock-star footsteps; T is 4, a funny little bean who took all of about thirty seconds to adopt Donni and I as full-fledged family members; and C at not quite 2, is a self-propelled mischief generator. John seemed rather bemused at the sight of a houseful of women all slopping around in flannel PJs and howling with laughter over very odd things, but took it all in stride.

Thursday we went over to Bendy to get set up for Friday, and met some of the other exhibitors. Friday was the Big Day – I felt like a bit of a fifth wheel, knowing nothing about spinning, but I got to meet and hang out with some lovely knitters, in particular Suzi (of EGMTK! comments fame) and Karen and Isobel from NZ, whose appearance caused Mandie to let out a blood-curdling shriek and fairly fly across the shed to hug them! (It’s a very strange thing to be introduced to a total stranger who then congratulates you on feeling better and finally finishing your jumper!).

It was very good indeed.

Now, I don’t have any pics of the trip, but I do have this – Mucho Grande Shopping Haul!

Books: EZ’s Knitter’s Almanac and Knitting Workshop, and Interweave’s Folk Style (all from Artisan Books), and The Harmony Guide to Aran Knitting (a total bargain from a used book stall).

Sock yarn: Collinette Jitterbug, a yarn I’ve been lusting after for some time now, picked up from Sarah Durrant‘s stall. Colourways from left to right: ‘Copperbeech’, ‘Mist’, ‘Moss’, ‘Summer Berries’, ‘Sahara’, & ‘Morello Mash’.

Two skeins of a delectable blend of 70% Suri Alpaca, 20% wool, 10% silk from Becreatif Alpacas – colourway ‘Morrocan Earth’. I’m thinking this would make a nice Clapotis (Bells, you’re not the last person on the planet to knit one – that would be me!)

Two skeins of Cashmere laceweight from Mandie’s friend Charlie the Bunny Woman (AKA Ixchel Angora Rabbits), colourway ‘Alfalfa’. No plans for this, I just had to have it.

12-ply hand-dyed from Ruth at Sheepychic – too pretty to pass up.

The lovely but way-too-clever Donni made these little shawl pins out of vintage plastic knitting needles. The red is a DPN, and the turquoise is a 3.75mm not-so-straight. Cute as all get out, I can assure you.

Equally cute is this little token from the Ashford stand. I badly wanted to buy a spinning wheel or a loom, but have neither the space nor the time at present to sink to new depths of crazy learn a new skill, but I still needed to appease my demented gadget lust so I bought this little tape-measure key ring instead.

More from Donni – she brought a whole whack of scarves, both knitted and woven to sell on the stall, and I zeroed in on this one straight away. It is soft, fuzzy, warm possum/merino in nectarine colours and I have hardly taken it off for a moment since I bought it.

This purchase is a bit of a twofer: I got to assuage my mother-guilt while indulging my love of good solid wooden toys (the puzzle snake is actually complete, but Sasquatch refused to be parted from it at bedtime, and a couple of pieces fell down behind the bed overnight – they wil be retrieved shortly).

Not actually bought at Bendy, but it came home with me: Mandie, in her capacity as Ashford dealer and general gadget-pimp, sourced me a jumbo ball winder. This gorgeous beastie will wind up to a 500g ball of yarn! I opened the box and had a brief moment of confusion, as I thought I might have accidentally bought a flat-pack communications satelite, but it definitely winds yarn.

Also bought from Mandie is this 200g bag of Alpaca/Corriedale top. Yes, I am painfully aware of the fact that I just said I don’t have the time or space to take up spinning, but it is soooo damn pretty! Don’t try to understand the way my brain works, you’ll just injure yourself.

Knitting was accomplished (I had hours and hours of train/bus time to just sit and listen to music and knit with no interruptions and no kids, and it was really, really nice), but this is turning into the longest blogpost in history, so I will just say that I had the BESTEST TIME EVER, and we are going to make it an annual get-together – I can’t wait till next year! I’m going to start saving straight away.


6 Responses to “Not Blonde, But Still Ditzy.”

  1. tinkingbell July 20, 2008 at 6:46 pm #

    Ooooh I so want to go – next year definitely!

  2. Suzi July 20, 2008 at 8:14 pm #

    Hiya Kate!
    I had a great time too! Again was lovely to meet you and spend time talking “sheepy” related talk!
    Cant wait till next get together!

  3. joyknits July 20, 2008 at 10:29 pm #

    Sigh … vicarious travel … Sorry about the camera – I hate it when that happens! What a lovely bunch of books and other goodies.

  4. amy July 21, 2008 at 2:33 am #

    I’m so glad you had such a good time!!!

  5. Kate July 21, 2008 at 8:55 pm #

    I’m so glad that you had a great time – I’m even managing to feel happy for your Jitterbug purchases without turning an unbecoming shade of green – but I have to say, I REALLY want to come next year!!!!!

  6. Lynne July 22, 2008 at 7:23 pm #

    Were you at the breakfast? If so, what were you wearing? [I may be able to see you in one of my group shots]. I wanted to meet you but didn’t get the chance!

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