Stash Enhancement

11 Nov

First up, thank you all for your support and encouragement regarding the Ugly Socks. Regenia’s idea of the navy mosiac is a good one, but sadly too late. Sasquatch has seen the Bumpy Swirly sock, and the love is big. I think Becky has the right of it – I just have to grit my teeth and knit as fast as I can. They will be bedsocks for next winter, and thus mostly unseen once they are done. As of 8am today, the voting stands even with four votes each for “OH MY GOD I’M BLIND” and “Nope, seen uglier” (which makes part of me want to see these uglier socks, while the rest of me cowers in fear).

On a much more attractive note (and with a view to getting the Ugly off the top of the blog), some yarn has accrued here at the House of Frog in the last little while, and I finally got my act together to blog it. The delay has been two-fold:

1. I was waiting to finalise a couple of laybys, and 2. the mowing men came the other day, and our backyard has now been transformed from pith-helmet-and-machete country to something approaching lawn-ness. So yesterday afternoon I spread my backdrop calico out on the fresh-cut grass and made the most of the beautiful sunny weather.

This is first, having hung around unblogged the longest:

Mi Inca 100% Baby Alpaca  (Rav link) 4ply yumminess, in a soft periwinkle blue. Total impulse buy at my lovely LYS Caboodle of Orange. They have a $20 minimum spend to use EFTPOS, So I had to get three balls, didn’t I?. I’m thinking something lacy and lovely, like a  Swallowtail Shawl or maybe a Diagonale. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, soooft. It was sitting beside my ‘puter as my pet yarn for a while, but I had to put it away before I fondled it into felt.

Sean Sheep Beulah in a rich dark purple. $2 a ball at Big W… everything went hazy for a minute, and next thing I know I’m standing at the Layby counter with 20 balls of yarn and vague plans for a nice warm cardi for next winter.


Patonyle 50g balls. I went a bit nuts when they discontinued it, and by the time the news hit about the relaunch, I’d already paid off a chunk of the layby. All of this lot is headed for the dyepot (the stuff on the right is some pre-existing stash; sock yarn blends from Mandie at EGMTK. Ignore it or not, as you like).


2 Responses to “Stash Enhancement”

  1. tinkingbell November 11, 2008 at 9:08 am #

    Mmm – nice stash – and thanks for the Bremen link – that and the circle socks are definitely on my list

    I have seen uglier yanr (and just can’t remember where ) some of the spotties ones are pretty bad and I must say I saw some in a canberra LYS I think – but it IS pretty damn bad – and you as great mum for agreeing to knit it – but think – it COULD be dead muppet = and then where would you be?

  2. cathy November 12, 2008 at 6:52 am #

    OOOh you lucky thing!!! I have ahuge stash but it doesnt stop me wanting more,LOL We’re waiting to see if Hubby is going to be laid off from Mine so am glad of my earlier SE this year,I reckon I could can knit non stop for some time! Am looking forward to the new batch of Patonyle so I can get some white to dye too!!
    That Purple looks great too,got a pattern in mind?

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