And the guest stars just keep a-coming!

7 Jan

We’ve had more visitors this week – Mandie drove a gazillion kilometres in hot summer weather with three kids and two spinning wheels in the car, just to spend a couple of days here with us. We had a gorgeous time, and although it wasn’t nearly long enough we did have time to find out that our kids get along like a house afire, that my Boyo appears to have a real affinity for spinning wheels, and that no matter what she thinks, Mandie is perfectly capable of working a short-row heel.

I got to have a bit of a play with one of these, and me likee! The Great Spinning Plan of 2009 will definitely be going ahead, just as soon as my critters are in school all day.

Next time, FO pics, and a couple of new WIPs. 🙂


One Response to “And the guest stars just keep a-coming!”

  1. Mandie January 9, 2009 at 12:29 pm #

    Here’s me madly playing catch-up!
    Thanks so much for adopting us for a couple of days – it was wonderful to be in the same space again 🙂
    The kids getting along as well as they did was an absolute bonus!
    Please nail down Boyo to some colours for his Merino 🙂

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