3 Feb

Boyo and I have taken up yoga.

Among other difficulties, Asperger’s children often have gross motor issues, which makes them very clumsy and less… physically adventurous than other kids. This, of course, leads to them being weak, weedy and not very flexible (in Boyo’s case, he’s about as flexible as a 2×4). He used to see a physiotherapist, who gave us exercises to do which improved his strength, balance and flexibility out of sight (which led to a marked improvement in his concentration, his schoolwork, and his ability to deal with everyday stuff).

Anyway, last year while I was working, the wheels kinda fell off the whole exercise wagon (along with a whole bunch of other stuff, like housework), and Boyo has fallen back into some old bad habits, such as W-sitting. This is a bad sign that other stuff is going backwards, so I started looking about for a way to improve things while we wait to get in to see the physio again (she’s a paediatric specialist and has a lengthy waiting list, with plenty of kids in more desperate need than us). After working a bit of Google-fu, I decided on yoga – after all, it has 5000 years worth of extremely bendy people to recommend it.

We started with a couple of library books: Children’s Book of Yoga and Beginning Yoga. In the space of three short weeks, there has been such a huge improvement in Boyo’s flexibility and balance that we have decided yoga is a total keeper (also, we are both really enjoying it). So since the point will come where the library wants its books back, we decided to buy some of our own. Insert more Googling here. I quickly discovered there is a book specifically designed for us: Yoga for Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders


Also, we got Yoga for Children.


And, since I am a junkie was ordering books anyway, I scored a fix bought some books I’ve been wanting for a while.

 Interweave’s Favorite Socks, because I’m tired of being the only kid on the block who doesn’t have a pair of Embossed Leaves or Waving Lace socks (rav-links, and please note how many projects there are for each pattern. Like I said, only kid on the block).


It Itches by Franklin Habit (whose blog I love and adore, and whose cartoons make me do the snort-laugh),


Men in Knits by Tara Jon Manning,


 and Knitting Ganseys by Beth Brown-Reinsel.


Why yes, I am planning on knitting a jumper for Tech Support. Mandie and Kate, who have met him, and my Mum, who has actually done it before, can attest to the fact that this will be a supreme labour of love. The dude is sizable.

Can I also add a quick plug here for The Book Depository? Their prices are excellent, their postage is both free (yay!) and fast (twelve days to get from the UK to Australia – took the First Fleet more than six months!), and their service is top-notch. I will definitely be buying from them again.

Back on the subjects of yoga and flexibility, let us not even discuss how bendy Sasquatch is, except to say that he is now known as the Origami Kid.


2 Responses to “Yoga”

  1. becky c. February 6, 2009 at 9:00 am #

    Score!! Great book acquisitions. Knitting Ganseys has been a favorite of mine for a long time. Sadly, I have owned the interweave sock book for quite a while and I still don’t have Embossed Leaves or Waving Lace socks.


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    […] I started doing it for Boyo’s sake, but I love it so much that I do my own practice while the boys are at school. I read somewhere […]

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