Random Witterings.

8 Feb

A total lack of recent blog fodder forces me to fall back on the good ole random dot-point post.

  • It is hot here. Very, very hot.
  • Still, could be worse.
  • I have spent the last four days avoiding/ignoring the heat by reading the entire archive of Questionable Content* from the very beginning. Hee.
  • We have a new fish in the fish-tank. His name is Zoomy and he is a Sucking Loach (he looks like the brown one, not the yellow). We got him because the tank was getting a bit manky (or should I say completely bloody disgusting), and I didn’t want to have to clean it myself. Seriously, this little fish is the king of cleaners! I’m starting to think perhaps we should genetically engineer a House-Cleaning Loach. I could just go out and do fun stuff, and come home to a perfectly clean house and a fat, happy little house-fish. Yeah.
  • On Thursday I went into Orange and enrolled in a TAFE course. Starting next Tuesday, I will be working towards a Certificate II in Information Technology. Hopefully this will mean that instead of my default setting of “Huuuuunnnneeeyyy! It’s doooooing stuuufff!! Make it stoooop!!!”, I will be able to use my computer effectively and sort out my own problems. That’s the theory, anyway. Plus, at some point in the future, I might decide to try the Working For a Living thing again, and prospective employers seem to appreciate Bits of Paper.
  • Still no knitting progress worth showing – see above re: Hot.
  • When Sasquatch plays on the Wii, his little butt wags in time to him waggling the remote. This tickles me more than I can say.
  • I bought a bag of brown rice the other day, and there was a recipe for the yummiest rice salad on the back of the package. I made a big batch to keep in the fridge, and I’ve been eating it at almost every meal. I can’t link direct to the recipe, but if you go here and enter Brown Rice and Mixed Bean Salad in the search field at the top right, it’ll take you there.
  • Tech Support found a frog in the back yard yesterday (it hid away before we could get a pic). I can’t tell you how happy that makes me! Not only do I like frogs, but they are a harbinger of a healthy environment. Our back yard is a happy place!


*The linked strip is not a new one, but it’s knitting-related and very funny.  Also, the most recent episode is a bit on the rude side, and if you’re like me, your computer is out where the kidlets can wander past and read over your shoulder.


One Response to “Random Witterings.”

  1. amy February 9, 2009 at 5:48 am #

    I would LOVE a house-cleaning loach. When you figure that out, let me know. I’ll buy one.

    I found the recipe and printed it to PDF so I have a copy come summer. I LOVE rice. I’m the only one–the boys prefer risotto to plain rice–and I can see making a bunch of that salad to have on hand for trips to the beach and so on. Oooh, beach….

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