Random Witterings

18 Feb
  1. Becky posted this morning about having Attention Deficit Crafting Disorder (ADCD), which gave me Mullet-Rock flashbacks of the worst kind (if you are at all susceptible to musical brainworms, do not click the link. I now have Brian Johnson screaming Thunderstruck over and over in my head. Don’t say I didn’t warn you).
  2. Is it just me, or does Angus Young no longer have quite the same mojo he used to have? While a young man in his twenties wearing schoolboy getup may be considered funny, edgy, perhaps even witty, a 53-year old in the same costume is weird, sad and more than a little creepy.
  3. My own personal schoolboys managed to be late for school again today (yeah, I know, that was a really hamfisted segue, but it’s been a couple of hours since I wrote the above points, and my train of thought has well and truly been derailed). I turned the TV off at 8.40, everything was ready, all they had to do was put on their backpacks and walk the approximately 600m to school, but because I had turned off Sesame Street, Sasquatch put his pout on and whined the whole way (school is stupid and boring and he hates it, all because he didn’t get to find out what happened with Telly Monster’s triangle, or some such. Ye gods). He refused to hold my hand, so I had to hold the shoulder strap of his backpack and drag him the whole way. The kid may only be in kindy, but he holds a grudge at a sixth-grade level. I have every confidence that I will still be neck deep in the poo when he gets home at 3.30.
  4. I was all virtuous and healthy this morning. Not only did I do my yoga, but I went for a good long walk after I dropped the boys off at school.
  5. Now I want comfort food. Specifically polenta. With cheese.
  6. I’m stalled on the Swallowtail[Rav-link] at the moment, because I can’t find the beads that I know I packed somewhere and brought over in the move. They are probably in the very same place as the grey school pants that Boyo wore in kindy, that I very carefully stored away for Sasquatch.  I have a vivid memory of packing them in one of those vacuum-seal storage bags with a whole stack of other outgrown-but-still-perfectly-good clothes and putting them in the wardrobe at the old house. We brought over the vac-bags, but the pants are nowhere to be found. Aaaaaargh!
  7. I had a half day at TAFE yesterday, and went shopping afterwards. Bought this book. Only a couple of chapters in, but so far, really pretty good. Reminds me a bit of this, or this. Not surprised they made a movie of it.
  8. I also intended to go to the craft shop and buy some more beads, but I forgot. I’m a bit put out about that, because I’d like to get the shawl finished and blocked by 5th March, to enter in the Royal Bathurst Show (please note the conveniently place little countdown ticker, telling me how long I have to knit this shawl, and no beads).
  9. Trouble is, with this cooler weather we’ve had lately, I have an epic case of I-wanna-start-itis. I have my usual four-or-five projects on the needles (while I’m stalled on the Swallowtail, I’m making hay with bedsocks for the boys so I won’t be caught out by the first frost), but I wanna start a new cuddly warm cardi out of my mountain of posmerino. And I wanna start Tomtens [Rav-link] for my nephews. And I wanna start the jumpers I promised the boys this winter (Sasquatch wants a Weasley jumper [ditto], and Boyo wants something out of the Gansey book [and again]). Sigh.
  10. Time to go and pick up the boys, and find out if I have been forgiven yet for complying with legal requirements and sending my children to school. Catch you soon.

2 Responses to “Random Witterings”

  1. amy February 19, 2009 at 12:44 am #

    Nicholas also holds a grudge. The other day he was wandering off in a parking lot and I grabbed the sleeve of his coat because I couldn’t reach his hand, and he yelled “You’re HURTING ME!” I told him I couldn’t possibly be, having nothing but his sleeve, and one day he was going to be all drama-queen and yell something like that and get us investigated. Yeesh.

  2. Tinkingbell February 19, 2009 at 7:06 pm #

    Mine luckily forget grudges by the time school is out – a good thing after the screaming session this morning…..

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