New Knitty Makes Everything Better.

13 Mar

Yummy doings in the new spring issue of Knitty.

I wants me one of these (yeah, yeah, I know – me and every other knitter on the planet), and these, these, and these (of course). And this is too lovely for words, but simply contains way too many acres of faggot-stitch for me to live through the knitting of it (plus, if I let it slip that it was called faggot-stitch, the laughter from the Peanut Gallery* would be loud and without end).

Oh, and this would be stunning in Noro Silk Garden. I’m thinking I need one for Bendy, maybe. If I can get the rest of the winter knitting out of the way in time.

Finally, is it just me, or does this little moppet seem singularly unthrilled to be wearing the hood? In fact if you scroll down to the second pic, that face is saying: “One day I will be self-propelled, and on that day you will be sorry.”


*AKA my husband, the eternal 13-year-old.


One Response to “New Knitty Makes Everything Better.”

  1. amy March 13, 2009 at 10:01 am #

    Yes. My sister and I both thought the baby would be cuter WITHOUT the hood, and the baby seems to know it.

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