I’d like to thank the Academy…

11 Apr



My lovely bloggy buddy (in fact, my very firstest bloggy buddy) Becky thinks I’m interesting. Well, gawsh! Thanks, honey (and right back atcha).  🙂

I’m supposed to pass it on, so I’d like to nominate (in no particular order) some of my personal heroes:

  • Amy at Live, Learn, Knit. The lady homeschools her two boys aged 7 and 4, while wearing a six-month-old (and how fast has that time gone?) in a sling most of the day, and not only has she not murdered anybody at all, but she is currently giving us all some absolute gems, by posting a poem a day for National Poetry Month (plus here’s an obscenely cute pic of her baby girl “reading” a book [scroll down] – totally worth the price of admission!)
  • Mandie at Ewe Give Me The Knits. This kinda goes without saying, and she knows I love her to bits.
  • Tinkingbell, the Fairy Stashmother herself. Nobody I know of has such an epic stash, nor such an extraordinary grasp of the mathematics of retirement planning. Plus, she’s kind, generous and very, very funny.
  • Bells. Gifted with the sticks and string, adventurous in the kitchen, and possessed of a real way with words, this lady has a knitting blog, a shared cooking blog, a sock knit-a-long, and a lace not-a-knit-a-long. Somehow, she still finds time to actually knit!
  • Rose Red. Co-host (with Bells) of both the Southern Summer of Socks KAL, and the Mouthfuls of Heaven cooking blog. And Oh. My. God. The SHOES!!!
  • Kate, the Knightly Knitter. We agree on all the really important stuff: chocolate, wine, fibre and books.  🙂
  • Donyale at Indulging My Inner Knitter. She’s taking a break from blogging for a while (and I will miss her posts, she’s always funny and fascinating), but is none the less both creative and delightful.
  • Taphophile over at Unravelled. Wise, funny and kind, Taph does more charity knitting than any three other bloggers.
  • And lastly, a new read, Leonie at Dr Bones Knits. As well as the instant rapport of knitters, we share a love of all things Whedon.

Thanks for your blogs, guys. I may not always comment, but I do always read.

4 Responses to “I’d like to thank the Academy…”

  1. amy April 12, 2009 at 12:09 am #

    Aw, thanks, you!! I’m really loving posting poems. And no, I haven’t murdered anyone yet. Oh wait, you said “at all,” not “yet.” Ooops…

  2. Kate April 12, 2009 at 8:14 am #

    Thank you gorgeous!!!! I hope you have lots of those four deeply important ingredients over this Easter weekend :> MWAH

  3. Taphophile April 14, 2009 at 8:05 pm #

    Thanks so much Kate – what a lovely thing to do. Best of luck with WW, btw.

  4. Mandie April 25, 2009 at 5:55 pm #

    Oh jeepers honey. THANK EWE.
    I am s l o w l y catching up (or am I falling behind) on my blog reading, it’s rather a mammoth task. EEEK!!
    Love you too – can’t wait for July chickie!

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