Chocolate Carnage

12 Apr


Happy Easter, gang. Apologies for the crappiness of the photo, but it was a bit hard to get Sasquatch to stop running around in circles, shouting “Yay! Yay! Easter!” Only my insistence on actual food has prevented a re-enactment of the Simpsons’ All Syrup Squishy Bender.

For anyone who is waiting with baited breath, or even mild interest, for my weight-loss update, I’ve hit the reset button on that for a few days. My reasons are two-fold:

  1. When I posted last Sunday, I totally forgot that today is the Day of the Lindt Gold Bunny, and
  2. My scales tell big hairy lies. I have worked like a navvy this week, done my yoga every day, walked for at least an hour five days out of the last six, took a cardio/step class at the gym on Thursday, and watched what I ate, and yet it tells me that I’ve GAINED half a kilo. I have two words to say to that: Bull. Shit.

So I am putting it on pause until Thursday evening, at which time I will be joining Weight Watchers. I know that their programme works for me; I lost almost all my baby-weight after Boyo with them. Then I got pregnant with Sasquatch and it all came back, and we moved to Blayney and there wasn’t a meeting here in town, and I didn’t have a car until Sasquatch was nearly two, and we were too poor to afford the meeting fees anyway, and, and, and…

The point is, I will be posting official, RELIABLE numbers on Thursday nights from now on.

At least this way I get one last hurrah with the little gold guy (and no, mum, I’m not going to go stupid between now and Thursday. I don’t need to make it any harder on myself than it already is).

One Response to “Chocolate Carnage”

  1. knightlyknitter April 17, 2009 at 8:51 am #

    So, how went last night? You are braver than me – I cannot bring myself to try Weight Watchers – but I have been good and started walking the dogs more often, and trying to get to the gym more than once a week (ha!). I’m not happy about the squidgy middle – the trousers I had taken in last year are a little snug now, and THERE IS NO BLOOMING WAY I will let them out again!!!!
    Go for it

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