Fibre Forum

25 Apr

This morning I picked up Sharon (AKA Shazzz2798 on Ravelry, who I have known as an online buddy for over a year, and who lives about 15 minutes drive from here, but whom I had never met face-to-face), and her very beautiful February Lady cardigan (which I totally forgot to photograph, but you can see it on her Ravelry project page here), and we headed over to Orange for the Fibre Forum Open Day.

There were all sorts of weird and wonderful goodies on display, and a suprising amount of jewellery for an event supposedly devoted to the textile arts, but it was really good to be among people who speak the same language – people who know what Ravelry is, and recognise a beautiful handknit when they see it (if you’re interested, there’s more pics at my Flickr page).

It was also really good to meet Sharon in person; she’s nice, and funny, and knits like lightning!


One Response to “Fibre Forum”

  1. Lynne April 25, 2009 at 10:02 pm #

    Oh, I’m so jealous! I wanted to go but WM and I decided the six hour round trip was too much when we didn’t know what we we might see! In other words, whether it would be worth it!

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