Belated Thursday

5 Jun

Sorry, gang. I totally lost track of what day it was.

  • Weight: 83.0 kg
  • BMI: 29
  • This week: no change
  • Total loss so far: 5.0 kg
  • So I’ve plateaued. Time to get my bum into gear and up the ante. I’ll drop my daily points allowance down to 20 per day (I have been working off 22), and I’ll boost my exercycle time by a few minutes per day, too.

    Meanwhile, I worked Wednesday this week at the school canteen (which probably explains why I lost track of the days) – Jodie, who took over after I quit last year, was sick, and called me early on Wednesday to ask if I could cover for her. I was happy to do it – it means a little extra cash for the Bendi Spendi Fund! Wheee!

    Also, I’ve been asked to spend one lunchtime a week knitting in the school library. The librarian knows how crazy and obssessive a knitter I am, and thought my powers should be used for good, so I’ll be teaching kids to knit (and the librarian to knit socks), and we’ll be collecting squares for Wrap With Love. Today is my first day doing it. I’ll post tonight and let you know how it went (if anyone has 4mm straights or 8ply wool they’d like to donate to the cause, shout out in the comments and I’ll give you an address to send them to).


    2 Responses to “Belated Thursday”

    1. jennifer June 5, 2009 at 4:02 pm #

      I’m happy to send needles and wool for your project.
      -jen (sydney)

    2. Taphophile June 6, 2009 at 10:14 pm #

      Just got a heap of 8ply ack which your kids are welcome to.

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