A few more grey hairs…

20 Jun

Today was the first nice weather we’ve had on a weekend in a couple of months, so when the boys wanted to play outside, I had no qualms about letting them. At five o’clock I went out to call them in.

No answer.

I thought they might have gone back inside through the laundry, so I went to look for them in that end of the house.


“Hide from me, will you?” I thought, and went back out to check behind the shed and in the shrubby corners of the yard.

Still nothing.

I went back inside to check in cupboards and under beds.

More nothing.

I muttered a few choice epithets under my breath and popped next door to drag them back by the ears.

They weren’t there either.

Finally, after forty minutes of both Tech Support and I searching on foot, by which time it’s pretty near fully dark, and after popping over to Sasquatch’s best friend’s house to see if they’d gone over there (unlikely, as BF’s mother is a friend and would have either called me or kicked their scrawny little bums all the way home, saving me the trouble), I run home to get the car and hear giggling little voices in the shed (an area well established as off limits to children). The little *#$%^&!s had climbed into the old car in there and had been playing for over an hour.

My hands are still shaking as I type this.

And I am the meanest mother alive because I sent them to bed with no dinner.

Ye. Gods.


6 Responses to “A few more grey hairs…”

  1. Tinkingbell June 20, 2009 at 6:36 pm #

    It’s the worst feeling in the world – that sinking feeling combined with heart in mouth!
    You are not mean – they are naughty – I am so wioth you on this! Hugs!

  2. amy June 20, 2009 at 10:12 pm #

    Oh honey. Tell them this (I made sure my kids knew): A couple of weeks ago we actually had a sunny day–they’ve been rare this spring–and a 3yo a few towns north of here died from being in a car for a couple of hours. He’d gone outside to play, climbed in the car, closed the door, fallen asleep in his sister’s car seat, overheated and died. (The mom is an EMT who’d worked a double shift, came home and napped with her son as usual. She’d locked the doors of the house–he got up and undid them & went outside. It was ruled an accident, and I feel horrible for her.)

    My kids never go into the car to play, but I reinforced it–tried not to scare them, but impressed upon them the seriousness.

    I’m sorry you had such a scare. I’m also very, very glad it ended okay.

    • Taphophile June 21, 2009 at 9:21 am #

      You’re the best mother in the world because they will be alive to eat breakfast!

  3. Leonie June 21, 2009 at 9:52 am #

    OMG! My heart was in my mouth as it was earlier in the week when I let the boys out the front door to get into the car (5.75, 3.75). I crouched at the front door and tied up the one shoelace I had left to do and as I was doing this the 21 month old walked out the front door to join them (or so I thought), I went out to do up their belts and I couldn’t find the baby. Called, he didn’t respond (not very surprising) asked the other two if they’d seen him, no luck there, shut the car doors on them (child locked). Bolted back inside, no sign. Where the f#@% is he? Back outside, bottom of the driveway again and there he is ACROSS THE RO0AD sitting in a neighbours front nature strip playing with the “fff’s” or fairies (dandelions) as we call them. He had crossed the road at 8.45am on a school morning and our street is quite busy at that time of day. How the h*^% did he get across safely????? Suffice to say, he is now taken straight out to his seat and buckled in and will be until the dandelion fetish subsides. He had such a short time to get there and he is just so determined, he is sooooo not safe. Previously he was so enamoured of climbing himself into the car that it was a sure bet what he would do. Apparently not anymore. I’m still not sure I’ve recovered from the fright. They certainly keep you on your toes.

  4. Kate June 21, 2009 at 5:16 pm #

    You are not a bad mother. You are teaching them about safety.

    I remember visiting a friend in the city, and leaving Jeremy inside with Craig and friend. I went down two flights of stairs, up the driveway and across the rather busy road to get the dog-dish, and turned around to see my two-yr old son waving at me from across the road, as buses and cars zoomed between us. I yelled at him to STOP! and must have been scary enough that he didn’t move while I waited for a break in the traffic to dash across, dog in tow, to take him back inside.
    I was not happy with my husband. The memory still gives me the heebies.


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