thursday weigh-in #9

25 Jun
  • Weight: 81.1 kg
  • BMI: 28
  • Loss this week: 0 kg
  • Total loss so far: 6.9 kg
  • Yep, it’s bloaty-week again, and I am stuck on the same weight. At least I haven’t gained anything, and I’m good for a big chunk of water-loss next week, plus whatever I can lose by fair means or foul.

    In other news, both my horrible children are still alive after last Saturday’s escapade (although Sasquatch is doing his very best to alter that by being a ghastly little pain in the butt. Last night he was sent to bed a full hour earlier than usual because he hit his brother with a cricket stump. Once again, the punishment had nothing to do with his crime, or his bad-tempered tendency to haul off and belt anyone who pisses him off, it was just pure meanness on my part).

    The classroom portion of my TAFE course is mercifully over. I had my last day on Tuesday. I’ve completed about 2/3 of the required units, the rest of which I will be picking up through flexible delivery next semester. Annoyingly, the TAFE holidays don’t mesh with the School holidays, only overlapping by one week. The new TAFE semester starts on the 20th July, and school goes back on the 27th. I have to do some finding out whether I have to be there, or at least available on the first day, because the 20th was the day I was planning on coming back from Bendi. Hopefully, I won’t have to cut short the fun.

    There is knitting happening, but mostly it is that stealth project, so I can’t really talk about it here.

    I’ll keep you posted.


    One Response to “thursday weigh-in #9”

    1. Tinkingbell June 25, 2009 at 4:00 pm #

      PMS is just a B****ch

      But well done – we match – both lost the same amount Mind you, I am starting of a *cough* somewhat higher baseline!


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