3 Jul

Yep. Started raining about 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon. Hasn’t stopped since.

I tried last night to gently hint to Sasquatch that the carnival might be cancelled. My youngest son is normally the subtlest of children, but he either missed or just ignored the clues I threw him, because this morning when I woke him up, he rolled over, stretched like a cat, and said in his sleepy, husky morning-voice “It’s going to be so much fun today!”

“It’s raining, muffin,” I said. “The carnival won’t be on today.”

And the lip dropped. It was like every cheesy 1970’s velvet painting of a sad clown ever perpetrated all landed on his face at once. It took quite a while (and the promise of an ice-cream at lunch) to happy him up.

And to Regenia and Tinkingbell, and anybody else who may be interested in the cookbook, it’s still very much in the planning stages. We hope to have them ready for sale by the middle of  Term 4 this year (late October – early November, maybe?). I promise to give you all a heads-up as soon as they are available. We have some seriously good cooks among the parents and friends of the school, so stay tuned – this book will be a good’un!


One Response to “Raining”

  1. Leonie July 4, 2009 at 8:36 am #

    It’s nice to be right, but it’s better when it doesn’t upset the kids. Nice ice-cream bribe. Chocolate works wonders in our house!

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