Packing for Bendi: step one.

13 Jul

I have this afternoon sent my boys off to Grandma’s house for the week. I must say that while I’m surprisingly untroubled by Mother guilt, there is a certain amount of Daughter-in-law guilt. My in-laws are wonderful people who successfully raised five children, at least one of whom was as charming and manipulative a child as my Sasquatch (that would be Tech Support, to whom Sasquatch is as Mini-Me was to Dr Evil*), and at least one of whom was as high-maintenance as Boyo, as well as FIL being a retired teacher/principal and MIL being a retired paediatric nurse. Still, I worry that my boys will be too much for them. T.S. assures me that all will be well, and that if anything goes wrong, he can be there in as little as four hours to sort things out, but I can’t help it.

Anyhoo, I am now about to make myself a coffee, which I will drink in blessed silence, and then put on some music of my choice and make a start on seaming the Fireside cardi. Tonight, T.S. and I will have takeaway Chinese for dinner and open a nice bottle of wine, which we will drink while having an uninterrupted conversation. Then I will celebrate Veal Appreciation Night (thank/blame Amy Lane for that), without anyone coming out looking for drinks of water or comfort after “bad dreams” (remarkably difficult to have those when you’re not asleep!). And then in just two (2) days, I’m heading down to Bendigo, where I will meet up with the rest of the Hustler Street Posse for three days of woolly debauchery! SQUEEEEEE!

You know what? The DIL guilt is fading really very quickly.

*It’s not that I think that anybody will actually need to follow the link to find out who either Mini-Me or Dr. Evil are, but there’s some fun pics there.


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