thursday weigh-in #20

17 Sep
  • Weight: 73.8 kg
  • BMI: 26
  • Loss this week: 1.4kg
  • Total loss so far: 14.2 kg
  • …and I’m back on the horse. Although, mysteriously, my hip measurement is still 112cm (I was sewing yesterday). I’ve always had some serious bone structure in the booty-region (even when I was a size 8* everywhere else, I was a size 12 at the hip, thanks entirely to the child-bearers), but still, I clearly need to walk up and down hills more. Pity there’s only two hills in Blayney; when we were at Kiama, even a walk to the mailbox and back involved a hill-climb (I’m not exaggerating – it was about 150m and a 30° incline). I think I’m going to have to start walking up the Other Hill™, which is a bigger hill, and also a longer walk. That will have to start tomorrow, because today I have to finish sewing those pants, and then go into Orange to do some TAFE stuff and buy some groceries (note to self: also need to buy a new sucker-fish for the increasingly green and gungy fish tank). If I get home early enough I’ll go to the gym and spend some time on the Elliptical Torturer (I really don’t like that thing – I never feel quite balanced on it. However, my trainer says that it will whittle down the hips and thighs quicker than a stairmaster).

    Time to go wrangle the critters and get ’em gone.

    *For my American friends, size 8 here is size 4 there, and Australian size 12 = US size 8. Oh, and 112cm = 44 inches.


    4 Responses to “thursday weigh-in #20”

    1. Tinkingbell September 17, 2009 at 9:34 am #

      Yayayayayay! well done you!

      I haven’t had a chance to weigh in – ask me again on Saturday – but have been running while away!

      Love the gansey socks – I was wearing mine yesterday – and maybe if Kim is lucky……

    2. Leonie September 17, 2009 at 11:36 am #

      Excellent work. Always nice to know that it definitely is those hormones that make that one week a month so difficult. Nice comeback!

    3. Lynne September 17, 2009 at 6:03 pm #

      Congratulations on the continued loss!

    4. knightlyknitter September 17, 2009 at 10:10 pm #

      You know, I must be weird. Not only do I like going to the gym (except for the Vertical Chest Press – it’s nasty), but I really like the rower, and I really like the Xtrainer.
      Not that I’ve been there very often recently – trying to wrangle three kids to be somewhere else so I can go gym it up? Not this holidays, no-way no-how.
      And I’m with you on the hips – I still regret not turning around and seriously damaging the family rhinestones* of the twat in Yr 12 who thought it funny to comment on how many axehandles wide I was (when I too was an Aussie size 8).
      Thanks for the size translation – various movie quotes suddenly make more sense!
      And if you want a hill, come visit me! I have a doozy (which I have climbed twice this week to make up for the lack of gymming). Catch you soon!
      (*he wasn’t smart enough to have real jewels)

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