What’s in the work-box? September edition.

2 Oct

So, in all this running around after children and “touristing” as Boyo calls it (as in: “Where are we touristing to today, Mum?”), I totally forgot to post on Thursday regarding my WiP-off progress.

So here ’tis, the official tally for September (as in August, all headings link to the relevant Rav-page).

In Progress:

  1. Mulberry Shawl: Not a single, solitary stitch was added to this.
  2. Aestlight Shawl: Ditto.
  3. Red Socks: Likewise.
  4. Mittens for Sasquatch: Growing slowly – his work ethic is improving, but I missed nearly two weeks’ worth of knitting on them because I ran out of yarn. I finally got to Spotties last week and was very, very lucky to find the last two balls of the right colourway in the end-of-season sellout bin. I grabbed them both, and will eke out the incentive by knitting him a matching beanie.
  5. Wood Duck socks: New travelling socks cast on after the Cabernet socks were finished. These are almost done, and are my primary focus at the moment, because they have a deadline that is bearing down on me like a giant iceberg on an allegedly unsinkable ship.

And (drum roll puh-leeze)… my Finished Projects:

  1. Yarn Love Cowl: FO post to follow as soon as I can organise someone to take some pics of me in it.
  2. Maths + Purple (renamed Cabernet) Socks: FO post to follow once the recipient has them.

And that’s it for September. Not as many projects finished as I might have hoped, but a decent amount.

Now, if I can just keep my focus and knock over two more projects this month, I’ll be laughing. Especially if I can restrain myself from casting on any new ones…


2 Responses to “What’s in the work-box? September edition.”

  1. 2paw October 2, 2010 at 10:13 pm #

    You did well to finish your projects. I’ve just found some socks that must be nearly two years old and aren’t done yet!!
    A beanie from the extra wool sounds like a good idea. The Wood Duck is an excellent travelling pattern!!

  2. Leonie October 3, 2010 at 8:17 pm #

    So does this mean that next month you finish up three things???

    Casting on something new is always a possibility…..the question is just one?

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