What’s in the Workbox? January: Returned to String

31 Jan

First things first, apologies: I totally forgot to post December’s WITW? post. I blame a combination of the Silly Season and terminal ditziness.

Next, as this month’s subtitle suggests, there’s been a whole lotta ripping going on here at the House of Frog. Firstly, the Cherries Flambée socks: after yanking partway back to fix some severely ugly increases in the gusset, I finally got the heels turned and discovered that not only is the ankle opening way too tight to easily fit over my heel, but the foot is both too short and too tight. So! I have frogged and will rework the numbers at some later date. The big maths problem will be figuring out how to get my preferred 6o/40 distribution of heel stitches in the toe-up format. If anybody has any ideas on that, I’m all ears.

Also, the Aestlight is no more. I tried again to make the Bird’s Eye Lace work, and once again ran into that counting-to-four problem. So, undeterred, I frogged that too, and the Wollmeise is now rocking a Clapotis.

And now we come to the Finished Objects tally for the last two months:

  1. Teacher’s Pet Scarf: Finished 12th December 2010.
  2. Strangely Mocking: Finished 6th January 2011
  3. Jayne Cobb Hat: A last-minute Christmas gift, knocked out in two days flat, and then I forgot to take a pic before I sent it on to its new owner. I will hopefully have a pic in the next week or so, at which time I will post a proper F.O. post. Finished 19th December 2010.


Now on to old business:

  1. Aestlight Shawl: Frogged.
  2. Cherries Flambée: Frogged.
  3. Red Socks: No progress.

And two new cast-ons:

  1. Clapotis: I’m counting this as a new cast-on, because, well, it is.
  2. Imogen cardi: I needed car-knitting for the trip up to the Central Coast in December, so I dug out the russet BWM 12-ply I bought at Bendi in July and got biz-zay! It’s coming along in fits and starts, as it’s a bit too heavy for knitting on hot days. And we’ve had a few of those lately.

So that’s the knitting story for the last two months. A lot of rethinking and ripping, and hopefully we’ll see some real movement in the next month.


3 Responses to “What’s in the Workbox? January: Returned to String”

  1. 2paw January 31, 2011 at 5:04 pm #

    I am sad about your unravelling but if it’s not working, there really is no point. Clapotis is looking good and Imogen should be a nice quick project!!!
    The socks are very lovely,the cables and twisted stitches are so complicated!!

  2. Leonie January 31, 2011 at 11:43 pm #

    Lots of frogging but lots of knitting to compensate as well. You are doing a fine job my friend. Better to have knitting that is working rather then knitting that is being naughty, so rip it dear lady and make it into something else more obedient!

  3. knightlyknitter February 1, 2011 at 6:14 pm #

    Everyone needs a bit of a Clappy now and then 🙂

    I had to frog my Firestarters and start over – I was being too clever by half and cast on fewer stitches without considering the effect of the twisted stitches on sideways stretch. ah well, live and learn.
    I will look forward to your thoughts on the construction of the Imogen cardi – I love a nice bit of knitting architecture..

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