My personal universe runs on the following basic principles:

1. Chocolate should be dark.

2. Coffee without caffeine is like water without wet.

3. Jeans should be blue. Not black, white, pink, brown or any other colour. Blue.

4. The only valid reason for cities to exist is so I can be glad I don’t live in one.

5. Clothing materials and knitting yarn should contain at least 60% natural fibres. This is not a particular gripe against synthetic materials, just a basic necessity for my skin. This also holds true for shoes.

6. It doesn’t matter whether global warming and climate change are our fault or natural phenomena. It is happening, and we need to adjust our lifestyles or we will all be in serious trouble.

7. It is not merely okay to tell your child “no”, it is a vital lesson for a child to learn. If a child never hears the word “no”, they will not understand the concept, and then how will they know what to say when the boy up the street offers her drugs, or the man in the car offers him lollies to get in?

8. Everything tastes better with the addition of bacon and/or chili.


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