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Marking My Territory

29 Jan

When I first told my sister we were buying a house, she said “As soon as you move in, paint a big patch of colour on the wall, just because you can!” Well, it may have taken us a while to figure out which wall, and what colour, but we have finally done it.

ImageThe colour is called “Seductress”, and in the tin it looks like blackberry sorbet (I don’t know why, but I almost always think of colour in food terms).

ImageDry, it’s more of a cranberry in the daylight, becoming a deep wine red at night. I love it to bits.

ImageOh, and the other thing about the wall?



Catching up.

2 Aug

While I’ve been spending a fair bit of quality time with my new stove, there have been other things going on around here as well.

My in-laws came to visit, bringing with them a couple of dwarf fruit trees (peach and nectarine), to get our garden started. Before I could put them in, I had to dig out the somewhat overgrown garden bed and mix a bunch of compost into the heavy, clay soil, which, as Dr Bones pointed out, constitutes a fairly comprehensive workout.

fruit trees

My crack team of personal shoppers (AKA Dr Bones, Knightly Knitter, Tinkingbell and Zephyrama) came through big time, sending me everything on my Bendi shopping list:


I’ve also been knitting, getting halfway through a pair of Nutkin socks,

CocoNutkinsas well as casting on a Vertex cardigan in the 4ply Cormo wool bought at Bendi 2012:

Wordpress really wants this pic upside down. I even tried turning it upside down in my folder, but it liked it that way.

WordPress really wants this pic upside down. I even tried turning it upside down in my folder, but it liked it that way.

And there’s been this, which is making me ridiculously happy:

happyThe house is also taking shape; next week we have an electrician coming to replace the stupid, expensive-to-run so-called “low voltage” downlights with more efficient compact fluorescent units, and put in some extra power points. Because we can do that sort of thing now.

Tonight, pizza. Tomorrow, the world!

25 Jul





Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go shopping for ingredients.