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Baby Birdies!

13 Dec

Baby Birdies!

We think they’re about a week old, and already they are just about bursting out of the tea-cup-sized nest.


The Battle of the Hills Hoist

23 Nov

Washing clothes these days is somewhat of an adventure, because hanging them out to dry means braving the wrath of the two extremely foolhardy Willy Wagtails that built their nest in the angle of my clothesline:


Every time I go near the line, they fly up into the air, swooping close to me before landing on a nearby perch, puffing themselves up as big as possible (which is to say, not very) and furiously scolding me with a loud “CHOOCHA-CHOOCHA-CHOOCHA”.

I tried explaining to them that this is my clothesline, which makes me their landlady and deserving of respect, but they were about as impressed by that as I was intimidated by them (which is to say, not much).

Catching up.

2 Aug

While I’ve been spending a fair bit of quality time with my new stove, there have been other things going on around here as well.

My in-laws came to visit, bringing with them a couple of dwarf fruit trees (peach and nectarine), to get our garden started. Before I could put them in, I had to dig out the somewhat overgrown garden bed and mix a bunch of compost into the heavy, clay soil, which, as Dr Bones pointed out, constitutes a fairly comprehensive workout.

fruit trees

My crack team of personal shoppers (AKA Dr Bones, Knightly Knitter, Tinkingbell and Zephyrama) came through big time, sending me everything on my Bendi shopping list:


I’ve also been knitting, getting halfway through a pair of Nutkin socks,

CocoNutkinsas well as casting on a Vertex cardigan in the 4ply Cormo wool bought at Bendi 2012:

Wordpress really wants this pic upside down. I even tried turning it upside down in my folder, but it liked it that way.

WordPress really wants this pic upside down. I even tried turning it upside down in my folder, but it liked it that way.

And there’s been this, which is making me ridiculously happy:

happyThe house is also taking shape; next week we have an electrician coming to replace the stupid, expensive-to-run so-called “low voltage” downlights with more efficient compact fluorescent units, and put in some extra power points. Because we can do that sort of thing now.

How I know spring is on the way.

19 Aug

1. The peach tree is budding.

2. The daffodils are sprouting.

3. The wattle is blooming.

4. Yesterday I woke up feeling like someone had marinated my eyeballs in napalm and then cooked them a la flambé (and trust me, you do NOT want to see a pic of that. Ever).

5. I want to eat salad all the time. This happens about this time every year. After a long winter of soups stews and casseroles (all of which I love), I suddenly want leafy greens and crispy veg. Today for lunch it was roasted pumpkin and red onion with spinach, feta and pine nuts.

And it was delicious!


I think we have a hole in our guttering.

18 Feb



14 Jan

Yesterday’s pic seems to be misleading – whatever my mysterious little garden whatsit is, it’s definitely not a berry. Here’s some more pics I took this afternoon, with the Super Macro function on my camera (click to embiggen). The green part seems to be the flower, with some little stamen-y looking things poking out the hole in front, the whole being about 1.5-2cm in diameter, with spear-shaped mid-green leaves.

I’m even more curious now.