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Two New Pairs!

22 Dec

First up, the Posh Frock Red socks:


The Vital Statistics

DSCF1051Cast on: 2nd November, 2013
Finished: 15th December, 2013
Pattern: Spice Man basic toe-up by Yarnissima
Yarn: Colinette Jitterbug, colourway #159 “Morello Mash”
Needles: 2.5mm Knitpicks fixed circular
Modifications: Garter-stitch gusset, K2P2 ribbed leg and upper foot. Judy’s Magic cast-on, Jeni’s Surprisingly Stretchy bind-off, and a 2×2 cable up each side of the leg, just to keep things interesting.

Next, Saturday Morning Cartoons:


The Vital Statistics

DSCF1049Cast on: 30th October 2013
Finished: 15th December 2013
Pattern: Purl and Zag by Jeannie Cartmel
Yarn: Ms Gussett Sock, bought Bendigo 2010
Needles: 2.5mm Knitpicks fixed circular
Modifications: This pattern is actually for a toe-up sock with short-row heel, but I just used the stitch-pattern and plugged it into my standard top-down sock.


In Uffish Thought

6 Jul

Submitted for your approval, one pair of socks:


New socks, new tree.

The Vital Statistics:
Cast On: 12th May 2013
Cast off: 1st July 2013
Pattern: Brainless, (Rav-link) by Yarnissima
Yarn: BMFA Socks That Rock mediumweight, colourway “Jabberwocky”
Needles: 2.5mm & 2.75mm Knitpicks nickel-plated fixed circular
Modifications: Eye-of-Partridge heel-flap, because it is just all-around better on socks than straight stocking stitch.

Better colour, new front step.

Better colour, new front step.

What do you get when you put together a yarn called Jabberwocky with a pattern called Brainless?

And as in uffish thought he stood,

The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame

Came wiffling through the tulgey wood

And burbled as it came.

This is my fourth attempt at this pattern; every other time I’ve had issues with the row-gauge making the gusset too short, but this time it came out perfectly. I blame the awesomeness of Socks That Rock. Incidentally, this is the last skein of STR that I bought with my birthday money in 2009. I really need to get me some more.

Dead gorgeous gusset.

Dead gorgeous gusset.

First time working Judy’s Magic Cast-on; what an amazingly clever woman! It came out perfectly on both socks, no need to tighten anything up, and as completely invisible as a Kitchener toe on a top down. Just lovely.

What I’ve been doing all this time…

15 Jan

Aaaaand again, I have failed to keep my New Year’s Resolution to post every week. A large part of that was the study thing – I finished the easy introductory part of the course, and they threw us into Anatomy/Physiology, which was really interesting but quite difficult in parts, so I needed to buckle down and stop faffing about online. It worked: I came out the other end with good marks, which was both pleasing and surprising (I know it shouldn’t be; I’m a smart person, and I worked hard, but I always am surprised when good marks happen. It’s just how I roll).

The other part was family stuff. Boyo had a very difficult 2012. He starts high school next month, and he is understandably anxious about it, but where another kid might deal and move on, he has turned that anxiety into a whole slew of behavioural issues. I won’t go into detail, but between meetings at the school, ferrying him about to various therapy appointments, and no small amount of screaming and crying (both him and me), he has taken up a fair bit of my time. I’ve applied to defer my course for 12 months, as I really need to focus on getting him through this first year of high school. I haven’t heard back yet from the Powers That Be, but I’m told there should be no problem, I definitely qualify for “special circumstances”.

Anyhoo, while all of the above has meant the knitting output slowed down somewhat, there has still been some fibre-y goodness happening. As mentioned in the previous post, I made a Wingspan scarf for Boyo’s teacher, and both she and it are swanning around Ireland at the moment (lucky girl!). I loved knitting it so much that I promptly cast on another for me, and have almost finished it, despite the ghastly hot weather we’ve had here.


Also, socks-in-progress for Tech Support, from EGMTK! Super Sock Yarn bought at Bendi:


And the learn-to-spin thing is moving along nicely. I did indeed break out the BWM fibre, and look how pretty it spins up!


On top of all that, I’ve been sewing:

iPad cover

…and dabbling in a bit of quilting:

This is what happens...

This is what happens…

...when you let a 9yo pick the fabric.

…when you let a 9yo pick the fabric.

So, all things considered, a not-unproductive 2012.

Decisions, decisions.

10 Jun

I’ve finally finished sewing together the Undercurrent cardi (maybe half an hour ago), and now it’s time for buttons. But which ones?

A couple of years ago, Tech Support picked up a drawer full of assorted vintage buttons at a garage sale, and we sold the vast majority of them on eBay, but not before I bogarted all the best ones, among them a whole whack of natural shell ones. I have known from the very beginning of this cardi that they were just the thing, but now I’m at the point where I have to make a decision:

Big or small?


They are much less yellow in real life – more ivory flecked with pink and grey.


My heart says big…


… but my head says small.

So I’m putting it to you, my lovelies. Leave a comment and make up my mind for me. Then I can sew on the buttons and take some pics and be on to the next cardi.

What’s in the Workbox? April 2012: belated.

4 May

Sorry, I’ve been cramming for my first exam, which was today. So I’m declaring myself a free woman this weekend – I’m not even cracking the new textbooks until Monday.

Meanwhile, here’s the April workbox roundup:

Cloud Chaser Vest: So close to done it’s not even funny. It’s only wanting bands and a good blocking.

Cable Rib Socks: just about ready to start the heel flap. I’m planning on working the heels and toes in some black Patonyle so as not to break up the colour progression.

Undercurrent Cardigan: Um, this is a bit embarrassing… I haven’t worked a single stitch on those seams since last month. And now it’s getting cold enough to wish it was finished, but every minute of quiet time I’ve had has been spent head-down in a textbook. I hope to get to it soon.

Ingenue has been frogged and the reclaimed yarn will be ready to cast on the Foxhollow cardi as soon as I finish the vest.

ProTip: if there is even the faintest chance you might need to unravel a garment, DO NOT use EZ’s sewn bind off. I know, I know, it’s stretchy, it’s beautiful (especially with garter or moss stitch), and it’s a perfect complement to the long-tail cast-on, but it just takes FOREVER to undo it. Like over an hour and a half to unpick the 250-ish stitches of the bottom edge of Ingenue.

And that’s it for this month.

What’s in the Workbox? March 2012

31 Mar

Another month has come and gone, and this means it’s time for my workbox round-up.

Blackberry Jam Socks: Finished! Blocked! Ends woven in!

Cloud Chaser Vest: Back and fronts done, next step is picking up stitches for the collar. I’m calling this about 75% done.

Undercurrent Cardigan: I have started seaming – just the one sleeve set in so far, but check it out, it’s perfect – the stripes line up exactly! I’ll get back on it tomorrow, and hopefully there’ll be a F.O. post soonish.

Cable Rib Socks: New cast on – the Crazy Zauberball is back, and this time it fits over my foot! Yay!

And that’s it for March. Sometime this month, I’ll dig out the Ingenue pullover and make with the frogging so I can cast on for the Foxhollow cardi once Cloud Chaser is off the needles.

What’s in the workbox? February 2012

29 Feb

I know it’s been a while – I wasn’t even sure I was going to keep going with this series until yesterday. But I’ve been knitting and thus have some progress to show, so here we are…

Please also note that it’s grey and rainy again, so any and all photographic crappiness is completely beyond my control.

First up, Finished Objects:

Hop, Skyp Socks: I grafted the toes of these last Friday, and they have been blocking ever since. As previously mentioned, it’s kinda wet here. Should the sun ever come out, I will take some proper F.O. pics (including my patented socks-in-a-tree, because I know a certain person who likes that). Anyway, the pattern is Skyp Rib Socks by Adrienne Ku, the yarn is Socks That Rock MW in the Froggin’ colourway, and they are squishy and snuggly and I suspect they will be very useful this coming winter, which is predicted to be a particularly long and cold one in our part of the world.

Now, on to current Works In Progress:

Blackberry Jam Socks: Ripped back to the heel flaps after I discovered they were too tight in the foot, these spent some serious time in the Naughty Corner, but are now back in my good graces. Now I have my sock mojo back, I’m fairly sure they’ll be finished soon. Like other socks before them, they get 50-ish minutes of love every weekday evening, while I watch Doctor Who (speaking of which; Kate, I get the David Tennant thing now. I risk the wrath of my husband here, but I’m going to take a stand and say he is the Best Doctor Ever).

And newly cast on:

Cloud Chaser: In line with the Trinny and Susannah guidelines, I have picked a new cardi-vest. A dramatic drapey collar and lots of vertical lines will work well for me, and the cables are making me happy. Also, some interesting construction techniques are keeping me on the hop. I’m knitting it out of some pale green Cleckheaton Natural Cotton 8ply that I’ve had floating around in stash for a couple of years. I think this is going to look really cute with jeans and a t-shirt or over a light cotton dress.

…and, finally, in the Ikea pile (some assembly required):

Undercurrent Cardigan:

Still waiting for the combination of sufficient table space, quality lighting and free time to seam this. Besides, it’s been too warm for the wearing of cardis anyway.


Oh, I almost forgot – the Crazy Zauberball socks have been returned to string, de-kinked and wound back into balls, and a new pattern has been chosen: Erica Alexander’s Cable Rib Socks from Favorite Socks. I’ll cast them on once I’ve finished the Blackberry Jam socks (and thus freed up the 2.25mm needles).

And that’s everything on the knitting front.

Tune in next month, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.